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MPI/IRE Watchdog Journalism Workshop

June 4, 2012
  1. Several participants in the workshop tweeted about the workshop using the hashtag #irempi. They are collected below in chronological order.
  2. mpinews
    You can find almost everything you want about a person these days without paying – Horvit #irempi
  3. mpinews
    When you search Google, you aren’t searching the Internet, you’re searching Google’s servers – Horvit #irempi
  4. indyJonMurray
    “The federal govt is awesome at spending money and crappy at making sure it’s spending it well.” (on better searching contracts) #irempi
  5. JohnRussell99
    “U need 2 background everyone U write about, even Santa Claus at the mall. You do not want 2 write correction nxt day.” Mark Horvit #irempi
  6. RbtKing
    That photo you shot on a cell phone? A friend shot? It’s possible to know who took it, when and where. #irempi
  7. indyJonMurray
    “It’s creepy, but it’s useful for journalists. It’s up to you to decide…” #irempi
  8. VicRyc
    “This does not have to be complicated. Half the battle is just knowing what’s out there.” #irempi
  9. meverhart26
    Half the battle is knowing what tools are out there. – Mark Horvit #watchdog journalism #irempi
  10. CarrieRitchie
    At a watchdog reporting training session learning how to be a creepy stalker. Er, I mean, a good investigative reporter. 😉 #irempi
  11. rsmerk02
    #irempi my favorite tip: to troll public records, go to office/bureau and grab every form they have!
    #car #bizj
  12. Caitlin_OH
    Need former employees as sources? Use @LinkedIn. Want to track travel expenses? Those are public records to request through FOIA. #irempi
  13. SnarkyIndiana
    Loving all the tweets coming out of #irempi today. Go get em, fellow FOIA loverrrrrs. #muchrespect @JohnRussell99 is my fave but I’m biased.
  14. RbtKing
    @JohnRussell99 just dissected investigation of Duke-IURC for #irempi. Had read the stories. Hadn’t heard backstory. Good stuff from a pro.
  15. rsmerk02
    @johnrussell99 tells inspiring story of taking down #dukeenergy and IN regulators by following documents #FOIA #irempi
  16. VicRyc
    Enlightening audio from recorded IU Toxicology meetings w/lawyer and director discussing avoid/delaying open record request. #irempi
  17. RbtKing
    #irempi training on watchdog tactics is good reminder how important Journalism is to better government. Accountability requires vigilance.

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