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Hight: Inspire or expire

February 13, 2011

Photo by John Williams

By Marcus Smith

Inspire or expire and how to do so inexpensively was the theme of Joe Hight of the Daily Oklahoman at MPI’s Managing in the Digital Age Conference.

He started by discussing the new theory of print and online media.

  • Starting a story with an online article the first day.
  • Following the online story with a print story the second day.
  • Then finishing up with a video, slideshow or some other multi-media package on the third day.

Other than breaking news there are three types of stories that do well online: sports, feature and entertainment.

On blogging, Hight’s main points were:

  • Writers need to blog on something they are passionate about away from their beat.
  • Blogging works better for features and sports.
  • If a writer is new to blogging and having a difficult time have the writer start with lists, for example top 10 action movies.

Updating is key to online content. The platforms and trends are always changing and news outlets have to be aware and adjust properly to remain relevant. Other important ideas Hight talked about were:

  • System Coaching vs. Now Coaching: System Coaching is concerned with having a set way of doing things whereas, Now Coaching is concerned in doing things that work in the moment.
  • Find new ways to collaborate internally and externally: That is work with people within and outside of your newsroom.
  • Gadgets do not have to be expensive.
  • Training is vital and does not have to be expensive.
  • Tell good stories
  • Have to reach readers in multiple platforms
  • Accuracy, ethics and standards
  • Know and understand social media
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